Waking Up

     This morning as I sat in the warm quiet of my bedroom corner, I could hear birds chirping outside the window.  FINALLY!  Spring is coming, and I can hardly believe how the tiniest sign of hope – a pussy willow bud or a random green sprout in my dead-looking garden – is like a shot of espresso (hey, I’m a prenant lady!  I get caffeine my way).  Winter feels sleepy and long, but New England is starting to wake up.

I think I am waking up, too.  Writing every day is opening my eyes to possibility… 

“Show me a day when the world wasn’t new.” -Sister Barbara Hance 

Thank you, God, for a change of perspective.  There is something new for me today, even though it’s bland and rainy outside and there’s no caffeine in my cup and grocery shopping is my big outing.  Open my eyes to see it…


3 thoughts on “Waking Up

  1. I’m very thankful for this new project of yours, my dear daughter. It was like a shot in the arm to read and ponder the prospects of spring. You are an inspiration!

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