Pain Is Evidence

It’s that time of week again…  I’m more likely to grumble than to be thankful today, so I take this challenge personally – what can I thank God for when I really don’t feel like it?

Yesterday my bladder took repeated beatings.  TMI?!  Not really, not if you’ve been pregnant before.  My second son spent his awake time pummeling my insides from several different angles.  It HURTS.

What I forgot is that the presence of pain in this situation is proof that I have a healthy baby growing inside me.  If he wasn’t awake early in the morning, late at night, and several times in between, I would be worried.  If I couldn’t feel his powerful little limbs, I’d be on the phone with the midwife: what’s wrong???

So today I’m mentally prepared for those shockingly strong blows, and even looking forward to them. 

Thank you, God, for allowing me to carry a living person inside me.  Thanks for letting me know that he’s okay. 

And thank you for the reminder that pain is often evidence of growth.


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