Chocolate Chip Celebration

Chocolate chip cookie.  Whipped cream.  Mug of coffee.  When you get news that a cyst is benign, it’s reason to celebrate!

Some Days Deserve Whipped Cream

Would you like to see the “top secret” recipe for The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies?  Perhaps I can post it on an upcoming Wednesday…


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Celebration

  1. Boy, do I know how that feels! And I don’t see that cookie recipe yet. If you put that up I’ll put up my Oma’s fantastic oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe…

    • From one kind of ‘gulp’ to another, right? I’ll try to get that recipe up next Wednesday. I’m making CCCookies for my niece’s birthday princess feast this weekend. 😉 Bring on Oma’s treat! By the way, where does “Oma” come from?

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