Kids’ Mittens

“A mitten pattern?  But it’s almost April!”  Yesterday it was so cold my face hurt on our walk through the neighborhood, and Riley was bundled up like a larva.  If you like to be outside (and like to knit even more), here’s one for you.

The days of eating grass are coming soon… until then, keep knitting! 

Most children’s mittens are made with very short cuffs which let in cold, soppy snow and can quickly ruin a fun afternoon outside.  So I extended these mittens to have a cuff which will come up at least to mid-forearm.  If they’re too long at this point, they can simply be rolled down to make a thicker cuff. 

That’s the beauty of knitting.  You can alter designs to suit specific needs.  All you have to do with this one is continue in the rib pattern until the cuff measures your desired length.  I wish I’d thought of that when I made the same pair for Riley earlier in the year!

I chose a simple worsted weight yarn that I had on hand in deep turquoise blue.  When I made these, they were destined for a sweet 2 year-old girl.  I felt the color would suit her well. 

It’s amazing to see a project come together. 

…halfway finished, with a hole where the thumb will be worked.

Ready for finishing touches.  A very fast, easy knit.  I was so excited when I finished the mittens that I immediately packaged and shipped them out!  So I apologize for not having a nice photo of the finishing touches, which I describe below. 

The final touch for these mittens was a pair of yellow buttons stitched on to the back of the hand area.  I couldn’t see the little girl’s hands in person, and didn’t know exactly how long her fingers were.  So these were made to be a little extra long with the option of folding the fingertips back.  The fingertip loop (hence that little bow in the picture) can be secured behind a button, which makes the hands shorter. 

Anyway, here’s Riley’s pair with the cuff a normal length.  His mittens are attached with an I-cord and do not have thumbs.  The pattern below will walk you through either creating thumbs or leaving them out.  Also shown – my first attempt at the thumb, which I think came out in the wrong place.  I actually like it that way.

And here is Riley, plowing through my photoshoot.

If you’d like to make these mittens, please click on the link below.  The creator of this pattern has requested that her pattern not be used for personal profit (resale).  Please honor that – and happy knitting! 

As for me, it’s time to knit a toddler’s hat!  Something with ear flaps for a frigid walk in Spring.


6 thoughts on “Kids’ Mittens

  1. You are getting to be an expert with those knitting needles. It’s great to have the courage to leave the standard pattern behind and get creative and make your own creation. Go Heidi!

  2. Hey, those mittens look familiar! In fact, they are sitting on the car seat in the driveway right now, where a little girl took them off and laid them when she decided her hands were warm enough. They’re wonderful.

  3. That brings back some memories – making mittens for my kids. Made a pair of blue with
    a white figure on it and someone at school “borrowed” the mittens but the teacher knew
    they were homemade and belonged to my daughter, Should have made a pair for the\
    little girl too.

    • Well, your handiwork was worth “borrowing.” 🙂 I remember the mittens and hats you made for us 3 girls when we were kids. They were beautiful! And I’m sure I never thought to say thank you, since I was 6 or 7, but – “thank you, Gramma!”

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