Bird Fight!

Is witnessing a bird fight something to be thankful for?

It is if you live in New England, if Spring has just barely begun, and there’s another noreaster headed your way.  If you don’t speak New Englandese, a noreaster is a nasty snowstorm that hits the northeast, usually when everyone’s breaking out their flip flops.  Looks like it may only bring rain this time…but still.

Riley and I spent time walking around the backyard yesterday, looking at buds and birds.  I’ve never seen anything like what we watched.  Two mockingbirds duked it out in the bare branches of a tree that overhangs our yard.  They were completely silent which seemed eery for mockingbirds.  The only sound was the violence of beating wings. 

The birds attacked each other with vicious energy, fighting for the rights to our backyard.  A few times, they locked claws or beaks and hung upside down in the tree, looking dead.

I’m so glad I don’t have to stake out a new home or look for a new mate every Spring.  Last year, this was our first week in a new home.  I was very pregnant (gave birth next Tuesday).  Everything was new. 

And here we are settled in, cozy and happy, as all the animal world runs its cycles around us of coming and going, fighting and feeding, nesting and defending.

Riley and I watched the duel quietly for a while, both transfixed by the spectacle.  There were no signs that the fight would be over soon, so we left to entertain ourselves with dirt and sticks. 

So today I am thankful for several things: my family, our home, signs that Spring is here, the real (free!) Discovery Channel, and the mockingbird fight that ensures we will only have one of these loud creatures enjoying the summer in our yard.


4 thoughts on “Bird Fight!

  1. Thanks for sharing! I am feeling thankful for our family in these days. I can hardly believe that the baby boy the Lord entrusted in our care will turn four in just two days!

  2. Thank you for this post. What I am most thankful for is that my children are comfortable enough with who they are to go out and find their place in this world. And that I am around to see it. Though sometimes they duke it out like your birds…. 🙂

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