Bound To Inspire

Can a journal inspire?  Ragged edges, dogeared corners…  You bet it can.

Everyone finds inspiration in something.  Every time I pick up a certain journal I am inspired to write.


Maybe inspiration comes from the source of the object.  My younger sister is an artist, a musician, and a photographer who has always seen life through unique eyes.  She gave me this journal.  In fact, she made it herself.

Maybe inspiration comes from the design of the object.  How could I resist writing lyrics or prayers on paper like this?

It says “touch me!”  I have a thing for texture, for irregularity and imperfection.

Maybe that’s why I chose this journal to help me start blogging.  I wanted to write about creativity in a creative way, and needed a creative jumpstart – something that said, “Don’t try to be perfect, just be honest.”  I used this journal for a blogging test-run, writing in it every day for a month, just to see if it was something I would enjoy. 

I still pick up the book every time I have a post idea and jot it down so I won’t forget.  

What inspires you in your creative pursuits?  Is there an object, a time of day, a smell or a sight that gets your creative juices flowing?


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