Never Too Sick To Sing

This is one of those days when I do not feel like being thankful for the “hidden blessings.”  I wouldn’t mind some very visible blessings, like… oh I don’t know – my sinus infection/chest cold disappearing miraculously; bills paying themselves with some “extra” money; or Mary Poppins stopping by to snap her fingers and do my housework for me while I consume her spoonfuls of sugar in one ravenous gulp. 

*Sigh*  I always have more to be thankful for than I remember. 

This week my husband was couched (as in forced to lie on the couch) for days in a row with a wretched stomach bug which the Lord has kept me and Riley from catching.

Riley’s 1st birthday was fun and special despite our health issues.  A visit from Grammom and Boppa with soup and an Elmo balloon did a lot to cause that.  Doesn’t hurt to stick a candle in a dinner muffin either.

It’s sunny and warming after rain and a windy cold snap.

We got in line first at the post office today and enjoyed primo parking.

My feet are up (yeah nap time!), there’s a cookbook on the couch next to me, there’s a roof over my head, and my husband has his twinkly eyes back. 

I’m never to old or sick to sing: God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He’s so good to me.


3 thoughts on “Never Too Sick To Sing

  1. Today I’m thankful for the sunshine and the beautiful sights and sounds of spring. The birds are singing their happy songs and chasing each other all around. The green grass is pushing its way up through the old brown grass. The garden is beckoning me from our office window. The rhubarb is about 3″ high. The little buds on the maples are beginning to swell and turn red. I’m thankful that God renews my heart just as he renews the earth in spring.

  2. Well, I’m laughing at myself… I accidentally hit “like” and liked my own post. I’m still learning. Ah well. I do like the thanksgiving comments though. It cheers me up to hear what other people are thankful for today. Family and Spring. I agree.

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