Be Calm My Soul: A “New” Song

I found the words to this song at a time when people on both sides of my family were going through a very difficult time.  The words sprang to life for me because of that situation, and all it needed was a modern tune.

Be Calm, My Soul spoke deeply to me of peace in the middle of turmoil, and God’s eternal goodness.  I hope it will help your heart too if you happen to be going through something painful.

We don’t have professional recording equipment in our house, so this sounds very raw.  But I sure enjoyed making it!  Sometime I’ll have to post a picture of our “studio” – me standing at a mic next to the microwave and highchair, with a guitar slung over my back!

Copyright on this arrangement is pending.  Please contact me if you’d like to use it.  Thanks – hope you enjoy it!

Please click on this link to listen:

Be Calm My Soul


Be calm my soul, faint not with care/Though burdens deep our hearts would tear

He is the Lord, all He commands/He holds me safe in His hands.

Be calm my soul, melt not in fear/Though shadows dark press in so near

Yet in despair I see His light/Lead me, O Lord with your eyes.

Be calm my soul, rest in Him sure/Through waves of doubt His words endure

My longing soul is satisfied/Jesus, my Strength and my Guide.

Original text (slighty altered to fit modern music): Gloria Rae, 1960.

This musical arrangement copyright 2010 redentryarts.


6 thoughts on “Be Calm My Soul: A “New” Song

  1. It’s not Gloria Rae it is Gloria Roe who wrote this song. Letting you know she is alive and well and in the process of rerecording her Grammy winning song.

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