Sniff Your Crayons

I LOVE the smell of crayons. 

Pop open the top, take a big whiff, grab a coloring book…  These are essential tools in any household, especially those with small children.  And for that matter, they’re essential in art studios.  What better way to free up your imagination than to remember coloring outside the lines?  Purple hands, green suns, orange hair…

Some joys can never be snuffed out by adulthood.  Have you sniffed your crayons today?


4 thoughts on “Sniff Your Crayons

    • I didn’t get to text back you sent the picture, but YEAH for crayon drawings! That was so cool. You really don’t have to do the challenge. But I know you – if I said, “I challenge you to draw a full 9×12 crayon/watercolor resist, once a day for five years, you would. And then you’d frame them in an art show and draw big crowds.

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