Today I Am Jo March.

Every Thursday I focus on a blessing, something I might otherwise overlook.  Something to put a long or frustrating Wednesday or Thursday into perspective. 

I came across this recent picture, taken by my husband, while we were at the zoo. 

I think about how bright my life is, lit up by “my boys” – my Jon, Riley, and Baby.  I think it’s hilarious that I grew up with two sisters, no brothers, and I’m now the Lone Woman of the house.  I feel a little bit like Jo March, the misfit tomboy from Little Women who ends up happily married, mother to a whole boarding house of mischievous boys. 

Maybe my perspective will change once my own are big enough to fall out of trees, set fire to things, and stuff much more than their fingers up their noses.  But I tend to think I’d be perfectly happy if my life turned out like Jo’s, full of adventurous boys. 

In fact, I am perfectly happy right now.  Riley has finally decided that sleep is more pleasant than violent shrieking at 10:37 p.m., and Baby is giving my ribs a break.  Jon just whistled at me, and I don’t have to get up before 6 a.m.  We had a solid music practice tonight, which ended with enormous Snickerdoodles.  And tomorrow is a new day, complete with a birthday party for Riley and whoopie pies dressed up as baseballs.

What are YOU thankful for?


2 thoughts on “Today I Am Jo March.

    • Thanks! They’re in the oven right now. Mmmmm… Coming out very wide and flat, which I don’t remember yours being. I was hoping they’d POOF a little more. Any suggestions for next time?

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