A Princess Feast

Once upon a time, there was an imaginative wisp of a girl who was celebrating her 6th birthday.  Her Aunt and Uncle (me and Jon) loved giving their nieces and nephews “time gifts” – opportunities to stay close and make awesome memories. 

Auntie and Uncle invited the little girl to come to their house for a Princess Feast.  After the feast there was to be a special trip to see Cinderella live on stage (at my old highschool) – but we didn’t tell her that until we were actually in line getting our tickets.  She wanted to be surprised.

The beautiful Princess arrived at our house on the chosen day, and was met by her dapper uncle, the King, who said, “Your majesty” as he opened the car door for her.  She was greeted by one year-old Prince Riley, who waited for her, dressed to the nines…

…and brought in to our dining room, which had been transformed into a princess wonderland. 

There was tulle everywhere.  The King’s words: “What happened to my house?!”

There was even tulle around the coffee maker, which of course existed in fairytales… perhaps as Ye Old Hot Beverage Press… or Her Highness’ Royal Caffeinator…

on the doors to the dining room…

on the windows…

and in random places that the Queen felt had need of fluffy girliness.

Candles, pussy willows from the royal backyard, pink napkins, and candies were some of the highlights of the table. 

Upon the beautiful Princess’ arrival, the candles were lit, and the royal chef (who bore absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to the Queen) set about making mini heart-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches.  These were a nice complement to the specially requested crock pot mac n’ cheese, and some of the Princess’ other favorites: tomatoes, apples, and grapes.

While the chef prepared the finishing touches on the feast, Prince and Princess played in the royal small living room.

With the addition of delicious delicacies and candlelight, the family table was transformed from elegant…

to magical.

To this day, the Queen is amazed that she did not burn the palace to the ground.  ‘Twas a feast to remember, with pink things all around,

and an African Violet for the Princess to keep.

The Prince was stunned by the Princess’ beauty…

…and couldn’t resist a giggle here and there.

The Queen greatly enjoyed getting to spoil the Princess and surround everyone with beautiful, girly things.  She even wore her special tiara from the day she married the King.

There is a second, younger Princess who will not be old enough to enjoy a Princess Feast for several years.  That will give the King and Queen plenty of time to plan another celebration!  Plotting and scheming is half the fun, and wonderful nieces and nephews make the moments perfect.


8 thoughts on “A Princess Feast

  1. Very creative. The pictures were great. Sounds like you could be authoring a
    few books for children in the future.

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