Peachy, the Sketchy Peach Tree

When we moved in to our first house over a year ago, I bought a special journal.  Green, like the garden I was hoping to grow.  Here’s the journal:

It was handmade by Nepalese women who make the most beautiful and inspiring paper I’ve ever seen.  I mean, c’mon.  If you have a notebook with edges like these, how can you not be itching to write or draw in it?

And the button!  Do I even have to go into button-land and expound on how gorgeous buttons are? Versatile, inspiring, the perfect finishing touch to so many projects…

Enough about buttons.

When we moved in here, we found a spindly, grey little fruit tree in the backyard.  It produced one fruit.  Which was promptly eaten.  Not by us.

Turned out to be a peach tree, badly in need of care.  Today I pruned it, using my mother’s advice of creating a “10 and 2” spread in the branches – that is, the right main branch goes up and out to where the “2” is on a clock.  The left main branch goes out to where “10” is on a clock.  Or sort of close to that.

I haven’t sketched anything in a long time.  I figured I’d sit in the chilly backyard before I commenced hacking, and record what Peachy looked like.  This is a rough sketch with a G2 pen, my favorite, made in the green garden journal with the awesome button.

It’s like Annie in the orphanage, wasting away by its lonely self, crying for attention (without the annoying songs).  There are a few root suckers toward the bottom that are actually blossoming.  Those suckers may be the tree’s one hope. 

That, and my hungry hand saw.

Spring is wonderful.  I get to grow things, chop things, draw things, and share them with you.  Hope you liked it.



10 thoughts on “Peachy, the Sketchy Peach Tree

  1. What a fantastic book – and I love the photos.
    Hope the trim works on the peach tree – pity I am so far away or I’d be there come fruiting time.

    • Good ol’ Barnes and Noble Bookstore! I sure hope the pruning works too… It may take a couple years to get the poor thing going again but I’m hopeful. Could you plant a peach tree where you live?

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