Root Vegetable Requiem

It was such a relief to see whole potatoes and carrots lying on the ground in the cemetery. 

May I explain? 

I spent the entire day yesterday obsessing over our new garden, still only half-tilled, which ended up much more shady than I expected.  I went from embarrassed to frustrated and back again about a hundred times as I drew out our options.  Literally.  With a drawing pencil, gum eraser, and ruler.

Perhaps being on the verge of tears all day can be blamed on pregnancy hormones.  Perhaps not.  But the extent of this anxiety was so ridiculous that I decided to do my next Home Matters Monday post about planning a garden the idiotic way.  I’ll have pictures to prove my insanity.

Who knew that the simple desire to grow something green could make a person act so foolish?

Riley and I went out for a walk that day because I needed to get OFF our property – away from my dumb decision, taking any path other than back to that half-chewed-up piece of yard that defined my tiny brain.  Suddenly I found myself doing a double-take: What in the WORLD?!

There they were.  Whole root vegetables under a tree in a cemetery, like an offering to some deceased farmer.  I have no idea why someone tossed their produce in a historical graveyard, but it actually made me smile. 

Why?  Because it proved that some things in life are sillier and crazier than I am!

Today I’m thankful for things that don’t make sense.  I’m looking pretty good in comparison.


7 thoughts on “Root Vegetable Requiem

  1. Life often provides what we need to remember it doesn’t need to always make sense – and if you ask me – use the pregnancy excuse while you can. 🙂

    • I have it on the brain, I guess. This week I drew out what to plant where and was curious to see someone else’s map. Yours looks great! I love envisioning gardens when there’s nothing but dirt out there right now. Thanks again for posting it!

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