An Ill Wind That Blows Some Good

Last Thurdsay I stated how thankful I was to look good in comparison to rotten vegetables. 

*sigh*  Yes, I was in a desperate state of mind.

Today I am thankful for humbling circumstances.  When I’m not in a desperate state of mind, a reminder is a good thing: Don’t take yourself too seriously!

Here’s the skinny:

Riley and I went grocery shopping.  It was a grey day, raw and wet.  I wore the blue fleece cape my mother made for me during my last pregnancy.  It has a hood and gorgeous silver buttons with raised Celtic designs.  Warm and stylish with room to grow!

Upon our exit from the market, we approached the crosswalk.  I fumbled with Riley’s hood while the sky did a lot of spitting and I kept one eye on the traffic. 

A nice man in a huge pickup truck stopped to let us cross.  (Did we look that pathetic?  Usually no one stops for you around here.)  I gave a quick wave and began to cross.  The wind, in a fit of humor, picked up one of my empty fabric grocery bags, and blew it out of the cart. 

So I bent over to retrieve it in classic pregnant fashion: ankles bowed out, demi-plié (which, in French, means “falling down half-way”), awkward sideways lean, and a grunt.

At that moment, the wind really got tricky and blew my cape right up over my head.

So the man in the huge pickup truck got quite a show: The patient toddler, watching his crazy momma do walrus ballet for flying bags, while tangled up blind in her cape, arms flailing.

*sigh*  At least I wasn’t in a desperate state of mind.  I didn’t cry.  I laughed and said to my son, as our circus rolled off into the parking lot, “It may take us an hour…but we’ll get there.”

Hope you don’t take yourself too seriously.  There’s an ill wind around, blowing bags and capes and pride all over the place.  It may find you.  🙂  Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “An Ill Wind That Blows Some Good

  1. Thanks, Mom and Kirstie! I was hoping someone would get a good laugh out of it. I sure did. I was too embarrassed to look at the driver in the truck, but he was probably belly-laughing.

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