Gulping Green

Thank you, Creator of green things!

Winter was grey.  And although I truly do appreciate the skeletons of trees, the lines of the branches, the rock formations and stark skies I would miss any other time of the year, it is high time for some COLOR.

I drove down the highway and the green absolutely sucked me in.  I couldn’t help peering into the woods to watch this beauty go rushing by.  Did that make me a dangerous driver? 

By the time Spring yawns and comes to life around here, I feel like I’ve been holding my breath all Winter long…  Now I’ve surfaced and it feels SO GOOD to gulp green!  Happy Spring, everyone – and Summer’s right behind. 


6 thoughts on “Gulping Green

  1. I feel exactly the same way. The green is so good for my soul. But I have to confess, one thing I love about Maryland is the green comes a good month or more earlier than RI! Little Rhody is gorgeous, but that winter lasts WAY too long.

    • I’m with you – I realized the other day that we just came through a good 6 months straight of grey, leafless glory. No wonder we’re color-starved! Now it’s been raining here for a week straight… I may take Riley out in the backyard for a good mudding before his bath. Why not enjoy the brown with the green? Maryland must look gorgeous right now…

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