Cooking Day

Heard of Once a Month Cooking?  I’m hooked.  I don’t actually plan out every meal for every day at this point (I’ve only done this 3 times so far, so I’m a novice).  But it made planning ahead for post-partum meals very easy.  Spend 8 hours making lots of food, freeze it, and don’t eat it yet! 

My mother and older sister are pros at OAMC (Once a Month Cooking).  You should see them fly through meal prep, cutting, sautéing, shrink wrapping or whatever that crazy machine is called…  Here’s a sneak peak into our oooking day last Friday.

My sister’s kitchen is phenomenal – big, cute, lots of counter space, two tables with leaves that can fold out to make room for all of the above…  It may not look organized, but it worked for me.  My work space away from home.

Mom’s station was right next to mine.  Notice the coffee cup, water bottle, Sharpie, and stack of notes and recipes – all staples of an experienced OAMCook.

Here we are, side by side, me with my 33 week belly, Mom with her prettiness.

These are two of the four trays of Cheesy Rotini that would be cooked, labeled, and frozen for after Baby #2 appears.  Not every meal gets totally cooked like this, but it sure makes it easy on the eating end.

Two chicken pot pies.  My husband’s chicken pot pie song went through my head over and over and over and over and over and over…

Not the prettiest pie you’ll ever see, but I’m learning.

Raw meat is everywhere on cooking day!  Thankfully it all ends up in the right place, whether precooked or just breaded and frozen raw.  It sure makes cooking easier later on!

I don’t know what this was, but someone was making hotdoggy goodness.  Like I said…meat, everywhere.  Is it any wonder I always go home smelling like Taco Bell? 

There’s always room for experimentation.  This new recipe will become Chicken Burgers – basically a chicken salad melt, baked in buttered buns.  Yummy.

Lunch time came fast, and we enjoyed Mom’s egg salad sandwiches with her homemade bread and eggs from the farm.

The kids were great all day – my one, Riley the Explorer, who actually sat still now and then, and my sister’s four, ages 1-9.  Sweetest kids ever.

They’re always offering to help.

Or stir something, or eat a stray carrot that needs a home.  Or hug my belly and say “hi” to the baby.  I love my nieces and nephews.

And Riley LOVES his cousins.

He loves Bunny too.  I must have been too slow with the snacks because Bunny almost became rabbit stew…

This pot should do…


Ah, never mind.  I love you too much, old friend.

These days are going by too fast.  A few cooking days from now, there will be another little one around to create distractions – welcome distractions that will force me to do this more than I’m willing to now:

Hey.  That’s why we do OAMC.  In the coming days, we’ll have more time to spend with our families because we gave up one back-breaking day to get some of the leg-work out of the way.

Job well done, ladies!

Are any of you readers OAMCooks?  Care to pass on a link to a favorite freezer meal?  We’re all still looking for new ideas!


11 thoughts on “Cooking Day

  1. This is a very intriguing idea. I just looked and saw that a google on once a month cooking yields full shopping lists and recipes and such- I may have to try this! The idea of only cooking once a month is rather appealing. looks pretty good, have you tried this?

    • At this point I haven’t had time to really browse the once-a-month-mom site, but I’m sure looking forward to doing so. My foray into that style of cooking has been very flexible – basically make a bunch of meals and see how far it takes me during the month. What I’ll probably end up doing is figuring out how many meals I need to make to get around 21-25 in the freezer for a month, and leave it at that. I like having the option of making something fresh on the spot too.

      Basically, I end up cooking a little every night anyway. A sample freezer meal would be “Chicken Burgers” – for which I made the filling, but did not assemble in buns, etc. The night I decide to use that, I’ll still fire up the oven, mix mayo in as a last step, assemble the burgers and bake them, and make some sort of quick side dish. But it sure beats cooking everything from scratch every single night.

      Cooking Day (for a month’s worth of food) is exhausting. But cooking fresh, homemade, complete meals every night can be too. I’ve found that having a freezer-full ready to go takes a lot of pressure off mentally and physically. I think I’m hooked!

      Do you have friends or family who would try it with you? Makes the day lots of fun…

  2. That was a fun day and you were wonder woman! I love the pictures of Riley making rabbit stew and then changing his mind. What a nice memory of cooking day.

  3. It was a fun day! Definitely wasn’t wonder woman though. I really appreciated your help at the end to finish things up. I was spent. Didn’t realize how long some of that would take.

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