Victory (hold the whine)

For the past 3 weeks, my cousin Wesley has been finishing a grueling training session on his way to joining the Air Force Special Forces Pararescue program.  And he’s done it with a broken leg. 

I had a possible hairline fracture once.  In a finger.  It bruised.  I whined a lot.

Wes ran 6 miles yesterday with 19 seconds to spare on the clock, keeping a pace I couldn’t match if I was being chased by a pitbull.  His left shin was fractured from the stress of the training.  His right leg was basically dead from having to make up for the left one. 

My uncle watched the run – the final test in order to graduate – and said that it was truly miraculous. 

With your help I can run against a troop…  Psalm 18:29 

Everyone who knows Wes’ story will tell you the same thing: God answers prayer.  Congratulations, Wes!  We’re proud of you.  You did amazing things that few people would have pushed through. 

I have no room to whine.  I have no right to shrink back from discomfort.  If God chooses to reveal His lovingkindness through difficulty, doesn’t that make the difficulty worth it?


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