Kale Chips: An Unlikely Goodie

In an attempt to produce a moderately-sized baby this July, I am following the midwife’s advice: carbs down, proteins up.  Hence my willingness to try foods I would usually poo-poo.  Kale chips turned out to be the perfect snack food – healthy, cheap, and salty!

I ate kale raw once, not knowing you have to COOK IT first.  Blech.  And duh.

If you’re as new to the world of dark leafy greens as I am, proceed with caution and hope.  Caution, because, although they taste “chippy,” these are still made out of kale.  There’s a vegetable taste that lingers.  Embraced, it’s delightful.  And hope, because, if I can eat it with pleasure, and get my 14 month-old to grab for more, you might be surprised too!

Kale Chips

A shout-out to the Smitten Kitten, whose recipe was basically what I followed.  There’s a lot of similar ones out there, but this link will take you to the recipe I enjoy:  http://smittenkitchen.com/2010/03/baked-kale-chips/.


A big bunch of kale – don’t be nervous!  Grab the huge one off the shelf and stuff it in your cart!  It’s going to cook down a little bit.  Plus, the cashier will secretly marvel at what a healthy eater you are.

Olive oil – 1 TBS (surprisingly, this is really all you need)

Sea salt (I used fine – some people use coarse)


Preheat your oven (and a baking stone if you choose to use one) to 300°F.

Wash and dry your kale.  De-stem it, as any “core” or stem pieces you leave in will be tough to chew. 

Cut or tear into large bite-sized pieces.

Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt, and gently work the seasonings through the whole batch with your hands.  WARNING: Very green, vegetable-filled picture to follow!

Spread out the kale in a single layer on either a cookie sheet or baking stone (this worked perfectly for me).  It will look like it’s never going to taste good.  Courage!

Bake for 20 minutes or until the kale pieces are entirely dried out and crunchy.


Pop one of those bad boys in your mouth, and decide for yourself.  My eyebrows shot up, and I said “Wow.”  Pause.  “Wow!”  And ate a good 1/4 of what should have been stored in a bag for later.

Hope you like it too!  If it’s not your thing, no big deal.  I’ll get back to posting “normal” recipes next week!  🙂

For a picture-free, easy-to-print version of this recipe, please click on the following link:



9 thoughts on “Kale Chips: An Unlikely Goodie

  1. I’ve got another veggie chip for you. We like them so much, that I’m thinking of starting a new company. I just can’t think of a catchy name. : )
    Brussel Sprout Chips: 1 lb fresh Brussels cut off stems and quarter each one. Toss with olive oil and salt (pepper too, if desired). Spread in one layer on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Roast at 500 for 15 or 20 min. – until golden and crispy. It won’t be all chips because the sprouts don’t fall apart completely, but all of it is delicious!

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