First Birthday, First Cakes

One of my favorite growing-up memories is the sound of an electric beater in a ceramic bowl.  On the day of my birthday party, Mommy would be downstairs during nap time, baking a cake and whipping up homemade frosting.  That classic sound and the delightful smells became part of the wonder of birthdays. 

I could hardly wait to start that tradition in our house!

Riley’s birthday parties, one for each side of the family, called for special cakes.  You only celebrate your first birthday once!  For my side of the family, I chose whoopie pie baseballs, and for Jon’s side, a double layer Elmo cake.

I had so much fun!  Here’s the process:

Whoopie Pie Baseballs

Chocolate batter?  Check.

Unbelievable creamy filling?  Check.

Not going to get my blood sugar tested the next day because I ate too much frosting?  Yep.

Empty pies waiting to be filled with creamy goodness…

And topped with it too.

Twizzler strings became the laces…

…and our happy toddler became a sugar-high mess.

But I ask you – what would a party be without pudgy little fingers smooshing cake bits around?

(For the record, the adults enjoyed their baseballs too.  They were HUGE!)

Elmo Cake

This cake brought to you by good ol’ Better Homes and Gardens.

Tools of the trade.  I love my little fold-out microwave cart work space.

This is the smell I’m talking about!  Yellow cake batter that becomes…

…yellow cake.

I need an excuse to make this buttercream frosting again.  SOON.

String Twizzlers and chocolate chips for lettering, food coloring for Elmo, and Jimmies for the side.  His nose was actually made out of orange zest, because it was the only orange substance I had on hand.

There were no complaints.

Happy Birthday, Riley, and many, many more!


6 thoughts on “First Birthday, First Cakes

  1. That’s a wonderful tradition. To make a cake that appeals to them
    because it’s their birthdays. Make a birthday book for each of them.

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