Sketch Book II

It’s time for another sketch book peek!  Old sketch collections are some of my favorite possessions.  They remind me where I was, literally and figuratively, in life at the time.  Some help to reinspire me during dry spells.  Others make me chuckle.  Maybe these will do the same for you.

This young lady is an overseas mom, caring for her husband and children in very stressful circumstances.  I admire the light in her eyes, her quiet look of passion and perseverance.

She seems confident, strong, and vulnerable all at the same time…

And for a completely different look at motherhood:

Who says sketches have to be all “artsy”?  This is my way of poking fun at myself, which keeps me sane. 

Whether you’re feeling confident, vulnerable, strong, or crazed, have a wonderful day!


One thought on “Sketch Book II

  1. Wish I could say that we all wake up feeling great every day but begin
    praising the Lord and this will lift your spirits. Praise him that you are
    together at the same table and aware of your need of Him.

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