Sweating and Smiling

I can see cucumber sprouts from my window! 

They’re such an encouraging vegetable to grow, because as soon as they poke up through the dirt, the first leaves look huge and healthy.  Makes me feel like I know what I’m doing. 

There would not be any cucumber plants (13 of them!) or peas, or bush beans, tomatoes, or herbs, if my husband and parents hadn’t done the grunt work this year. 

They absolutely spoiled me when I probably had no business starting a new garden.

I really do think my neighbors look out their windows at me and shake their heads.  (weirdo) …8 months pregnant, doing deep knee bends and odd ballet moves to get up and down, resting my watering arm on my belly while I refresh a plot of soil that still looks like a graveyard…

But there’s 13 cucumber plants! 

And I am very, very thankful.  God has given me the strength to plant all sorts of things and get it ready before the heat and humidity hit.  He gave me amazing and generous parents and a husband who supports my schemes, even though it means he has to work hard to help me get them going. 

And even the shade that had me so freaked out will be a blessing when there’s a one month-old baby basking in it, watching his slowly shrinking mama grow his family some food. 

Honestly, I think the neighbors have simply gotten an eye-full of family.  One keeps asking who those people were who came over and helped.  There are so many dysfunctional families that I wonder if it’s strange to see a tightly knit one working together, helping each other out, sweating and smiling, covered in dirt?

More than my garden, more than cucumbers, I’m thankful for my family.


5 thoughts on “Sweating and Smiling

  1. I’d be thankful too! What a wonderful family. And your garden is going to look splendid- I can hardly wait to see pictures in August! I’m excited to report that my growing-on-the-chain-link-fence experiment is going *splendidly*. I actually have some tiny green cukes dangling from their vines, and those tomato plants are very sturdily woven into the fence- they’re not going anywhere. I’ve got to make some insecticidal soap today, though, some little buggies think my tomato leaves are pretty tasty and they really went to town last year when I didn’t do anything. Had my first salad yesterday with that omelette- I’m getting a bumper lettuce and arugula crop!

    • I would love to see pictures of your garden! You are so creative. I actually dreamed last night about some garden bug that had laid tiny white bubble eggs all over the backs of my leaves… Chalk it up to pregnancy? Or garden obsession…

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