It Snowed In My Sink

Lest anyone should think that a woman who writes for the public about keeping house is automatically a wonderful housekeeper…

…or a fastidious house cleaner…

…or a marvel with endless energy for perfectly organizing the perfect home and perfectly maintaining it…

…I thought this picture was in order.

Whatever I was mixing had a lot of flour in it, and it snowed all over the dirty dishes that were already occupying the sink.

Do you ever have a day when you wish for 3 sinks…and then realize that all three would be full if you had them?

Happy mess-making, friends.  It’s the sign of a healthy woman and a happy home.


4 thoughts on “It Snowed In My Sink

  1. Heidi – Got a big kick out of the picture of your sink. Hope you’ve taught Jon how to load the

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