No Book Left Behind: A No-Sew Project

I love a good frugality intrigue…  How can I make something out of nothing?  Especially: how do I make an old item better than it was before without spending ANYTHING?  My love of a good challenge and a good book led to this project.

(Note on the title: This is absolutely NOT me giving props to “No Child Left Behind.”  I’ve seen the results of that through the eyes of my 9th grade Social Studies-teaching husband.  Just a tongue-in-cheek way of saying: I will not allow a perfectly good book to get trashed for no reason!)

Riley’s enthusiasm both for books and for how things are put together ended up basically ripping this colors book to pieces:

I figured, if the book’s going to end up like this, let it!  I can work with the natural hole in the top.  You and me, duct tape, there’s nothing we can’t fix!

One page had no top-of-the-hole left.  My trusty friend Duct Tape fixed it nicely, wrapped over a cut-out piece of magazine that I made to fit the space.

Voila!  New top.

The edges of the pages needed a trim, as they looked ragged and pathetic where they used to be attached to each other.  Not too shabby afterward.  This left the couch covered in shredded bits of book…

…which Riley “helped” me clean up by brushing onto the floor.

When my helper went down for his morning nap, I raided my old clothes closet.  Sleeves were the perfect length for the strips of cloth I needed.  I cut out long pieces to tie the book with and added a lonely little bit of green yarn that needed a purpose.

These were threaded through the hole…

…and tied loosely with a slipknot.  If you choose to repair a book this way, just make sure you leave enough room for moving pages without ripping the book all over again.  🙂

And there you have it!

The book about colors is now more colorful and fun than ever.  Saved from a terrible fate, lost with the dust bunnies or tossed in the recycle bin, a book that hadn’t been read in a long time today became a new favorite.

It’s also a GREAT tickling tool.  🙂


9 thoughts on “No Book Left Behind: A No-Sew Project

    • Thanks! Me too! I’m a sucker for red. It’s more like red with polka dots, the more we “love it” as a family should… Sigh. Makes a great photography backdrop though. I forgot to tell you – I LOVE the setup of your house. Especially your dining room.

  1. This is a great idea and I think it looks even better than when it had the binding on it!! Now learning colors can go beyond the book! This butterfly is the color blue…can you find a blue ribbon? Your blog reminds me over and over not to just throw something out but to see if there’s another use for it!! Thank you!

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