My Moorings

I would be adrift without

  • my Bible
  • prayer
  • my husband
  • my family
  • creative outlets like music, art, and sewing
  • time outside

I hate to admit it, but sugar and carbs really help too.  What keeps you sane?

Have a great weekend!



6 thoughts on “My Moorings

  1. I think my list is pretty similar to yours… and I’d say my 6:30 am pre-kids quiet time is pretty indispensable too. I relish that time and it really helps me be much more civilized to the children!

    • I totally agree. Time alone while the house is quiet is a WONDERFUL thing. Makes getting up at the crack of dawn during the school year very worth it. Breakfast with Jon, time with God, coffee pot perkin’, checking out blogs, watering the garden… or sleep. Hm…..

  2. To answer your question, for the most part, all the same things as you! Hehe… I might add tiny moments through out my day where I am able to grab a few minutes to myself. These, moments, although short lived, happen off and on through out the day and are quite likely what keeps me half way stable.

  3. going to the beach and being alone with God, walking the beach and talking to God: complaining, arguing, begging for answers and peace. keeps me reminded of God’s original plan for us. beauty and solitude.

    • I love that we can be real with God – honest and open. And I love your comment about how God’s original intention was to surround us with beauty. I was thinking about the Garden of Eden today, how it hadn’t rained before sin entered the picture…a mist watered the earth… God’s perfect greenhouse. I think the beach is still pretty perfect. You made me want to go!

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