A Decent Freezer Full

Hi there!

I thought today I would show you the culmination of a weeks-long project: getting a decent freezer-full of baked goods and meals ready for postpartum recovery.  My Mother and Mother-in-law were gracious enough to let me take some of their freezer space.  Without their generosity, this NEVER would have worked.  Next pregnancy I think we’d better get our own second freezer, lest I overstay my welcome!

I wanted to have six weeks’ worth of baked goods ready to go for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and snacks.  Waffles, muffins, Italian bread, English muffins, granola bars, etc.  There’s also at least a month’s worth of frozen meals.  Mostly this is an attempt to keep some semblance of normalcy, to give myself some peace: things will be okay – I’m ready. 

After a baby is born, life is sort of topsy turvy for a while – like someone took all the pieces on a game board and threw them high in the air.  That was my experience with our first child anyway.  Everything was new and different and stressful, even though it was wonderful. 

I’ve heard that the second time around is easier, and that the main stress comes from trying to balance the care of two kids.  Mine will be about 15 months apart, so that will come with its own challenges. 

Food is comforting.

This may not look appetizing now; but in a month or two it will be heavenly and hot, served in a bowl with crumbled tortilla chips, cheddar cheese, and veggies.  Healthy and NOT difficult. What a great feeling – to be settled in a home, stockpiling for your family, so that you can rest when you need to.

Last year we moved in to this house one week before Riley was born.  Our family took good care of us, providing meals, cleaning help, and support with the baby.  But I hope this time to take some of that burden off of others.

Hopefully this will help.  It’s definitely helpful for our wallets!  Instead of having to eat out frequently after the baby’s born, we can save quite a bit of money by eating our own food.

So…  Not very colorful pictures today – my apologies…  But I was so excited to finish all the prep work this weekend, I had to write about it.  Thanks for reading!  If you’re in the middle of a crazy project like mine, don’t give up!  It’s going to be worth it when you finish.


4 thoughts on “A Decent Freezer Full

  1. I am wildly impressed. I’ve really got to learn to cook and freeze more. About the only thing I do that with is spaghetti sauce- I always make enough to freeze for another meal.

    • That’s a great idea and one I wish I’d started doing already! With meatballs! I picked up this freezing habit from my Mom and older sister, who do Once-a-Month-Cooking. That practice made a lot of this possible, especially the detail of making as many things freeze FLAT as possible.

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