A Chair Becomes A Lair (That Doesn’t Slide Off)

Okay, you got me…  I confess!  I was just standing at the fridge, squirting Reddi Whip onto my finger and greedily shoving it in my mouth!  Some days you just need to eat something totally worthless and delicious before getting on with the day.  And now, on with the day!

Earlier in this blog’s history, I wrote about how a gaming chair could become a cushy, comfortable reading chair.  I posted pictures of the process, the pinning together of pieces, adding layers, etc.  It looked pretty inviting.  And it slid off every time someone sat in it.  Boo!

I finally got so sick of slipping around and having to fix the thing (even with only one boy enjoying the space so far), that I took it completely apart and started over.  Here is the result:

The fleece layer was too slippery, so it got demoted to the chair lap only and pinned in place around the armrests.

The quilt is the real hero of the lair that welcomes a ready reader.  So I used that to its greatest advantage, opening it up, and pinning it only a couple of times behind like so:

That’s all it took!  The thing has not moved once since I put it on (and believe me, Riley has tested the mettle of this chair makeover already). 

Getting the quilt wrapped tightly around the top seemed to be the winning trick.  And in the end, a pillow was all it needed to become the inviting reading spot I hoped it would be.

A frugal mindset is a creative, determined mindset: I will find a way to use the free things I have instead of spending $$$ I don’t have on what I probably don’t need.  You never know what will come from thinking this way… 

In this case, a redecorated reader’s throne, for which we spent exactly $0.  Yeah!


6 thoughts on “A Chair Becomes A Lair (That Doesn’t Slide Off)

  1. I agree. There’s something extremely satisfying about making something useable and wonderful out of something that is just lying around your house. Last night Dad took the torn and faded cover off of his motorcycle seat and underneath was so perfectly good, but filthy, leather seat. I got out some leather cleaner/conditioner that I use on saddles and in a short time he had a whole new looking seat. Granted I didn’t fashion a whole new seat cover but I didn’t need to in this instance because of the condition of the original seat. Yup – very satisfying indeed.

  2. I just want to know- can you *really* get in and out of that chair at 36 weeks pregnant? I can just imagine a comedy act surrounding you and that chair. It does look *very* cozy. And by the way, Reddi-whip was how I got Elijah potty trained. A spoonful of that every time he went. Did the trick.

    • Ooh! Does that mean I can have Reddi-whip every time I go? I just need an excuse! I can actually still get in and out of the chair, believe it or not. Serious grunting is involved. Although it sounds much cooler if I say that little elves come out and push me up and onto my feet again… Either way, it’s so comfy, it’s worth it. 🙂 I plan to take over that chair postpartum so that Riley can crawl into my lap and I won’t be breaking any rules about picking things up.

  3. I love this line, “A frugal mindset is a creative, determined mindset: I will find a way to use the free things I have instead of spending $$$ I don’t have on what I probably don’t need.” Wonderfully stated and couldn’t agree more.

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