T-h-a-n-k Y-o-u

This is the perfect day for writing a Thanksgiving Thursday post.  The whole point is that sometimes I get stuck in a muddled, me-first, grumbly mindset, and having to write a thankful post helps to shake me out of it.

Let’s just say that this afternoon I wasn’t feeling thankful at all.  Before we ate lunch, I started feeling nauseous and winded.  Lunch was late due to a midwife appointment, and I hadn’t stocked up on snacks to hold me over.  Tomorrow is shopping day, so I’m a little like Old Mother Hubbard who went to the cupboard and found it bare :-).  I think the lack of food and water was what set the whole thing off.

The entire afternoon became a physical battle – heart racing, unable to catch my breath, super tired, heart pounding and working ardously slow to catch back up, nausea, sour stomach…  Lots of fun!  I slept for an hour and woke up feeling about the same, only I could barely keep my eyes open.  My to-do list became the lemon juice in this open wound, as I realized that it was 4 pm and I hadn’t even cleared lunch off the table.

Soooooooooo.  Thanks for what?!

I have decided to write an acrostic thank you to God, using those letters.  If I start smiling and switch this mindset over, just maybe my body will follow.

Random photo to make me smile (and hopefully you too):

T – Turkey.  I’m a little desperate here!  But hey, there’s people all over the world who have nothing but beans and rice to eat all day.  I have meat in the fridge, and eventually I’ll be up to cooking it 🙂

H – Hollie, my younger sister, texted earlier today to see if I needed help with anything.  I said no, since I was doing great at the time.  But her thoughtfulness went a long way and it’s so nice to know there’s someone 15 minutes away who’s willing to help in a pinch.

A – Answers to prayer.  Last night Jon got recalled for next year, which just means that the school board informed him he has a job to go back to.  That takes a lot of stress off our minds, knowing we’re going to be provided for next year. 

N – New life!!!  The foot in my ribcage is a FOOT!  How incredible is that?!  There’s a pair of feet and hands in my belly.  And there’s a head, which, despite inflicting some significant downward pain today, will be out and resting on my lap soon enough.  I can hardly wait to meet this little boy.

K – Kimberly, my older sister, has given birth 4 times, and is familiar with this sort of thing.  Her understanding and witty text messages lifted me right up.  So glad she’s going to be part of the delivery team this time around!  What a great friend.

Y – Yard work!  It’s actually an incredible blessing to have a nice yard and lots of projects to do outside.  It keeps me and Jon active and gives us all kinds of fun things to plan.  There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes from looking at the simplest project you’ve been able to finish.

O – Options.  Every morning I can make up my own mind what I want to do with my time.  Which chores come first?  What will Riley wear?  Will we go anywhere today?  What’s for dinner?  I’m not locked into one way of doing things.  I’m not paralyzed, imprisoned, or ill.

U – Understanding hubby.  Jon’s springing for takeout tonight.  That alone brings a smile to my face.  Thanks, sweetie!

I feel better already.

“Giving thanks is a sacrifice that truly honors me.  If you keep to my path, I will reveal to you the salvation of God.” Psalm 50:23

If you’re feeling a little down-in-the-dumps, give it a try.  He’s given us so much!


4 thoughts on “T-h-a-n-k Y-o-u

  1. I love it, Heidi. I often need this kind of attitude changer too. I can’t believe how ungrateful I am sometimes… when I stubbornly don’t want to get into thankful-mode, I want to linger in my annoyance, thank you very much!

  2. I’m thankful for Heidi and her shared feelings! How nice it would have been to have a
    computer back then to communicate with best friends.

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