A Very Full Vine

If my life is a vine, it’s very full.  Not just with lots to do…  My life is full of blessings!  I can’t thank God enough for my husband Jon, our son Riley, and our newborn baby boy, Quinn. 

 What an incredible Creator!  Thank you, God. 

We’re really enjoying being a family of four, adjusting and relaxing together.

I’ll post Quinn’s birthday story soon.  In the meantime, welcome back to The Full Vine!  I hope you’ll enjoy the set of series I’m starting on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays:

  • Mondays: Household Heroes – everpresent and overlooked workhorses
  • Tuesdays: Inspired Shoestrings – decorating with more imagination, less money
  • Wednesdays: Pregnant Cooking – 9 months of food and funnies

Hope you’ll join me!


19 thoughts on “A Very Full Vine

  1. Welcome back!! Going without The Full Vine each morning has been like going without that morning cup of coffee. What a precious picture of Quinn and Jon.

  2. So Sweet! I too have missed your blog and your newest addition is adorable. I have to get out there soon to meet him! And I LOVE his name!! I should I picked it myself for Jadyn’s middle name LOL…

  3. Of all the thing to comment about on this post, I can’t help but notice how many people have that brown & red nursing cover. It’s the one I have, and I’ve seen a few others with it too.

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