Pregnant Cooking: Ice Cubes

This is week 2 of Baby 2 and we are doing great!  Sleep deprived, etc etc but so blessed and happy. 

I’m taking it a little easy on the recipes for the first few weeks here, so bear with me.  I thought today I’d show some solidarity with all my sisters out there who are still carrying buns in the oven…and write a recipe for making ice cubes.


Oh yes.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to carry out the simplest task when your equilibrium is off, your hormones turn everything into either hysteria or weeping, your joints ache, your head is fuzzy, and you’re well aware that your profile belongs on Animal Planet?

It’s hard.

Pregnant Cooking: Ice Cubes




Take a deep breath.  You can do it. 

Shuffle to the sink and turn on the water.  Remember you left the empty ice cube tray on the table next to the pile of sticky bibs.  Waddle to the table and take a second to recall why you went in there.

Congratulate yourself on remembering to grab the ice cube tray, spin slowly around, and drop it.  Grunt loudly as you “bend over” to retreive it.  Notice the crumbs all over the floor.  Normally you can’t see them over your belly, which is a mixed blessing.

As you strain to stand back up, you may hear your husband musing aloud, “Why is the water running?”  Off goes the water.  Make your way to the sink with as much dignity as you can and proudly declare, “I was letting it get nice and cold.”

Run the water again, filling all the … shoot.  What are they called?  Fuzzy brain, remember?  The hole things. 

TURN OFF THE WATER!  (It’s the little victories, people.)

Head for the freezer.  You’re in the home stretch!  Sustain a breathtaking blow to the ribcage from within, and hurl the tray of water as far as you can (try to miss showering your husband).

If you’re tempted to cry, look on the bright side.  Mopping up the mess will actually take care of those pesky crumbs you noticed. 

Grunt.  “Bend.”  Stand up.  To the sink!  Caaaaaaareful…


Beautiful, aren’t they?  Stunning presentation.

When you and your family are sipping nice cold water later, you can pat yourself on the back.  Not only did you conquer the dangerous mine field of liquid preparation, you did it without cursing – right?   🙂


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