Inspired Shoestrings: Simple Things Simple Ways

For those of us who don’t shop at Pier 1 or Crate Barrel with any sort of regularity (if ever), here is a series on decorating with imagination – decorating on an inspired shoestring.  Shopping at Salvation Army (or better yet, shopping from your own basement) may not be incredibly glamorous – but it’s incredibly satisfying.

Inspired Shoestrings, Part 4: Simple Things Simple Ways

I guess I’m a little boring (or inventive) or simplistic (or just know exactly what I like).  So many fancy bobbles to choose from at so many, many stores…  And all their clever ads and floor layouts suck me in to want to buy, buy, BUY.  That’s why I stay home and hardly ever frequent the yummy-looking home stores.

I’m such a pack-rat anyway, my house IS a home store!

Besides, it’s so much fun searching for treasure in the cobwebbed corners of our little abode.  Often I discover something small or simple that can be exactly what a certain bland spot in the house needed.

May I?  Here are a few of “my favorite things”…

This currently graces our dining room table: a bowl, a candle, and a cloth.  It’s an  embroidery pattern I found at a consignment shop, plus a candle from my awesome hubby, and a bowl given to us by our pottery teacher.  Very simple stuff…  And I love the elegance of the three plain items put together.

Maybe someday I’ll actually sew the pattern by hand.  But for now, I really enjoy it “raw.”

Sweet and simple, here’s our table.  I hope it says “Come sit!”

On a small blue table near the dining room table is our method of storing silverware – a bouquet of sharp objects.  Why hide the things we use all the time?  I figure our kids will have an easier time setting the table in a couple of years if they only have to grab the utensils two feet from the destination.  We’ll see…  Mostly I just like how it looks.

Jon made the grey bowl.

Dried flowers come with pleasant memories.  I like to tie ’em up with twine.

Our generous neighbor gave us this Swedish Ivy, which sits atop our TV stand.  A nod to my heritage, and something green in the middle of a cold, bleak New England winter.

The beauty of fresh flowers from our yard is my personal favorite and I secretly envy anyone who has a nice rose bush.  A clump of hydrangeas or a few flower petals floating in water… gorgeous (and FREE)!

There you have it.  My favorite decorations are simple, everyday things.  I allow myself to enjoy them and I’m proud of being able to save money by enjoying them.  What are your favorite decorations?


4 thoughts on “Inspired Shoestrings: Simple Things Simple Ways

  1. Very inspiring! I love the silverware idea. I really need to think of some creative decorating ideas. I was at a friend’s this weekend and I was rather jealous of her clean, uncluttered, ready-for-a-magazine layout apartment. Did I mention she is 22, single and no kids? Whereas my desk in front of me has papers everywhere, 2 empty printer cartridges, several pipe-cleaner bracelets made for me by my children, a nerf gun, a headlamp, a Russian grammar book, a done-for candle and well, lots of other things. I just haven’t mastered this uncluttered existence thing.

    • On the contrary, I’m thinking of starting a magazine called “Cluttered” and featuring the beauty of a child-filled home. Your desk sounds fascinating. Cleanliness lasts mere minutes around here.

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