Munchkins and Messes

Quinn needed a diaper change.  This is Quinn:

I laid him down on the bassinet attachment of the pack-n-play and pulled up the piano bench right next to me.  I figured Riley would enjoy watching the process, as he’s usually standing on tiptoe right beside me. 

This is Riley:

His legs dangled off the edge, pressed up against the pack-n-play, and I started the process.

Everything had been laid out ahead – diaper, wipe, and Triple Paste, the hero of my children’s butts.  That stuff tops anything else I’ve tried for managing diaper rash.  A tub of it sat open in the middle of the pack-n-play.

One minute (or less) into the diaper change, I glanced at Riley and saw this sight: white Triple Paste caked on both hands, smeared around his mouth, and decorating both the edge of the pack-n-play and the black piano bench!

It was so comical I couldn’t be upset.  I just laughed, grabbed another wipe, and worked on my older son, explaining to him that Triple Paste was not good for eating.

Once he was cleaned up, I turned back to Quinn to finish his diaper change.  He had quietly peed all over himself and his clothes, and a river of urine had crept under him all the way up his back.


Tee hee.

My brother-in-law says that when more than one kid gangs up on you in mess-making, you’re officially a Mom.  I say you’re officially a Mom once you’ve pushed one of those munchkins out in labor.  But yeah, I’m officially a Mom.

Thankful for challenges?  Sure!  How boring life would be if there were no “full moments” to either weep over or laugh through. 

I’m thankful for my munchkins and their messes.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Munchkins and Messes

  1. I love it. Reminds me to keep a humorous attitude today! I say this as my daughter just landed on a big bag of chips still on the floor from grocery shopping- wonder if there’s any whole ones left in there?

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