I Descend, Wearing My Finest

a hush falls in anticipation

the room goes dark

a shower of tiny pyrotechnics from somewhere up above

chimes, Freddy

a spotlight on the staircase

I descend, wearing my finest




oh yesssssss.

IT’S –


Why the dramatic intro?

When you’ve been pregnant for many moons, and you deliver a baby, and spend the next 6 weeks at home, caring for a newborn and a 16 month-old round the clock, and you feel like a milk machine wrapped in baggy skin with dark under-eye circles, and you and the love of your life see each other mostly in passing, you need


One burger joint with bottomless fries and a stroll through the mall COMING RIGHT UP!

Boy, did it feel good.  More refreshing than a long vacation.  Just what we needed, and




My in-laws made this possible, taking on our two youngsters and all the noise they make. 

Thank you both!


8 thoughts on “I Descend, Wearing My Finest

  1. Yay! Matthew had a great paycheck the last few weeks so we got out this weekend to our favorite restaurant. There was a long wait so we got to walk around alone and it felt GREAT. Of course I was more than ready to get back to the squirt at the end of the evening. So happy you got a chance to get out!

  2. That must be why Andy had a missed call from Auntie June! I bet she wanted the kidlets to skype… darn. Some other time. So glad you guys got out… your post is hilarious and totally understood!

  3. We have Auntie June & Uncle Bobby on our Skype list, but we haven’t done it much… next time you guys are over there (depending on the time difference) let us know and we can do it!

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