For Power

This week I made a cooking pit out of bricks and a grill cover and heated our dish and laundry water over an open fire.  I felt like a pioneer woman and it was fun!  Call me Fire Queen.

Our nights were candlelit, nursing sessions included.  Jon read the Chronicles of Narnia aloud while I knit or sewed by hand.  I actually felt like Marty from the Love Comes Softly series. 

You could hear crickets outside our house.  The street was dark and quiet.  Until 3 neighbors started up generators.

But now the storm has been over for 5 days, and we finally have our power back!  Let me say, people – I am SO THANKFUL for power! 

Of course I have to say that I’m thankful for God’s power to meet these circumstances and for His strength and protection.  Especially since 3 of the four of us were sick in the middle of it.  I never get sick like this, but had a fever, chills, and aches.  Yuck.

It’s all over and we’re out the other side.  And we didn’t get slammed like folks down South.  Please pray for those who are still out of power (most of my family included) and for those who got hit with storm when it was much worse. 

Hope you’re doing well, hope you have power, and hope it’s both kinds.  🙂


2 thoughts on “For Power

  1. We never lost power but so many around us did and still don’t have it back. Elijah didn’t start kindergarten today because they didn’t have power. But I think the folks up north of you have it worse than us down south- have you seen the stories about Vermont and NY? Shocking.

    • No I haven’t! Partly because we haven’t had power 🙂 Now that we do, I’ll have to look it up. Crazy power outages for what wasn’t technically a hurricane by the time it got to New England. One theory suggested that a regular cycle of hurricanes keeps the number of old or dead trees to a minimum. We’ve not had a really bad one here in 19 years. That’s a lot of time for all the weaklings to be left standing around. Sounds like they all toppled over when it hit and lots of power lines went down. Makes sense. I feel really bad for folks who don’t have a backyard in which to make their own fires. Very glad to hear you guys are okay.

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