Household Heroes: Husbands

Very often I find myself musing, “I use this thing ALL THE TIME…” about some object in our home.  Things that make life easier, or more fun, or cheaper.  For the past several Mondays, I’ve been spotlighting these household heroes and inviting them to take a bow.

But there’s a hero I haven’t mentioned; and believe me, I saved the best for last.

Household Heroes, Part 6: Husbands

Each tool or ingredient I’ve covered in this series has had great value to me.  They’re things I use all the time and really appreciate.

There is no way this series can end without mentioning the most valuable and underappreciated hero in our home: Jon.

Step over, baking soda.  You’re not as versatile as my bass-playing, history-teaching, child-raising, sandbox-building husband! 

Forget it, KitchenAid!  You can’t whip up anything as fine as the fun and smiles Jon creates around here.

No baking stone is as strong as the mettle in my man, who can hold his own in a difficult time and give strength to his wife when she really needs it.

A spray bottle holds wonderful solutions to tricky problems and big messes…  But my hubby holds such a generous nature and sweet, thoughtful spirit inside, he trumps those over and over.

The family spapoola may be able to clean distugsting messes, but my husband has actually caught our son’s poop in his hand, midair, and laughs about it.  Now there’s a keeper.

You can’t place a price tag on someone who takes out the garbage without being asked, who stands by you when you’re sick on the toilet in the middle of the night, or whose smile lights up the whole room on a dreary day. 

It’s not just what he does – and he does a lot between yard work, chores, teaching 9th grade social studies, raising our kids, handling finances, and handling, well, me.  It’s who he is! 

My hero has a wacky and hysterical sense of humor. 

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

That was on our honeymoon!

He makes up songs on the fly about everything from bodily functions to food to people’s personalities.

When I first met Jon, I noticed his eyes immediately.  They twinkled!  They were full of life and laughter while being quiet and self-assured at the same time.  A man who knew who he was and didn’t need anyone’s affirmation about it.

But I like to affirm him.  I don’t do it enough.  I’m too casual about the good graces of the man who puts up with my stubbornness and quirks, who shares with me a bed, a fridge, countless chocolate milks, and a lifetime of problem-solving, memory-making, and love.

Suffice it to say, I wanted to take the chance to say,

I love you, Jon.  You’re my hero.  And everyone ought to know.

If you’d like to brag about your sweet babboo in the comments section, be my guest.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go kiss the REAL household hero.


8 thoughts on “Household Heroes: Husbands

  1. Well, I won’t “brag,” I’lll just leave you with this: Since our hubby’s are cousins, I think they have a few things, although not everything, in common! =) Fabulous post Heidi! And I’d just like to add one more hero to your series… YOU! I know you won’t toot your own horn, but if we’re talking valuable and under-appreciated household hero’s there is no way Mama could be left out. None of those other items mentioned could do their job with out you! They would just be left to collect dust on the shelf if you didn’t put the kick in their giddy-up!

    • Too true – too true – mothers are undervalued. Maybe I should do a post about Moms sometime… I guess this one boils down to what happened in the store the other day: Jon and I were grocery shopping with the boys and standing in line, waiting to check out. Next to us was a single Mom with her little boy in the carriage. She looked like she hadn’t eaten or slept well in a long time. We chatted for a couple of minutes and she told me how lucky I was to have Jon’s help in the raising of our kids. Standing there next to a lady who has to do this on her own, I was reminded how much I truly do appreciate Jon. And you definitely have the same kind of keeper in your hubby. But on the same note, your amazing Mom skills and the spirit YOU bring to your home is so incredible, it can’t be overlooked. Maybe this is evidence of God “making the two one.” Both do their best, both love and give and sacrifice, but are nothing much without the other.

    • Mel, I loved your post about your husband! Especially how you said that he stayed “true to who he presented himself to be” when you first met. You guys have a beautiful story. Thanks for introducing yourself and your blog. And thanks for bragging on your hubby!

  2. Mel & Heidi small world!! Too bad you didn’t meet when Mel lived in RI! You are both extraordinary women & I know that you would have hung out & played music together while singing of course!

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