A Game For Theater and Family

This might seem like an odd idea for a Studio Tuesday post, but it makes sense to me:

If the purpose of these posts is to promote creativity, why not include all kinds?

Having dabbled in directing children’s theatre, I appreciate a good drama game.  (Try this one out as an ice-breaker, a way to train kids to focus on the things others say, and a way to build memory skills.)

Having kids, nieces, and nephews, I appreciate a good drama game. 

Having not so much dough in the ol’ pockets, I appeciate a good, free game.

Last Friday night found my side of the family around a campfire, celebrating my parents’ birthdays.  Somehow a game got started and everyone got involved, whether they intended to or not.

Since we just came through a pretty wild storm and lost power for nearly a week, this was the game.  It may sound familiar to you:

“We’re going to lose power for a week, so I have to make sure I get…”

Each person around the campfire added an item as we worked our way through the alphabet.  Person #1 did “A”, person #2 said “A” again and added “B”, person #3 said “A” and “B” and added “C”…all the way to person whoever-was-lucky-enough-to-get-“Z” and that person had to remember every item for the whole alphabet.  That lucky soul was me.

We’re going to lose power for a week, so I have to make sure I get



C batteries

disposable diapers

eggs (Why?)


gum (for the stress)

hurricane lamps


Jenga blocks



money (We’d all like to know where we can get some of this to add to our emergency stash.)




quarters (If it had been Jon’s turn, he was going to say “Quilted toilet paper.”  Just for the record.)

rescue kits

sense of humor

tub full of water

underwear (Can’t do laundry?  Noooo problem!)


wet wipes

x-cellent fruit snacks (Cut him some slack – he’s nine years old and it’s “x.”)

Yanni albums (for the fire, I believe)

ZZzzzzz’s (or a zeppelin, if you want to travel in style)

Now wouldn’t you like to be at one of our houses when the power goes out?  🙂

So no…  This wasn’t a “studio” post per se.  But it sure was fun to do something creative and spontaneous with the entire family, and to watch as everyone around the fire was drawn in to the excitement. 

Isn’t that what the arts are about?


4 thoughts on “A Game For Theater and Family

  1. This is hysterical! I will have to share with my MOPS leadership team. Might make a good ice breaker for a MOPS meeting… would be pretty funny to see a bunch of mom’s with kids ages birth to 5 trying to pull this one off!

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