Thank YOU

Today I am thankful for YOU. 

It has been so much fun writing this blog from the very beginning, and more and more as people have found it and contributed comments, advice, etc.

What a great way to “meet” people and share friendships!  I can hardly believe that we have the ability to be so much a part of each other’s lives even though some of us who blog or read blogs are on separate continents.  Just too cool.

I’m especially thankful for those who’ve been encouraging to me in the area of asking for help.  The recent post Do I HAFTA Ask For Help? inspired some to shake me a bit and say “HEY LADY!  Ask for help!”

And I’ve really appreciated that help when it’s been given.

To my mother-in-law, thank you for holding Quinn for me at the campfire.  It was so refreshing getting to play music again; and I know he enjoyed his time with you.

To Mrs. M, thank you for watching Quinn this week so I could take Riley to the farm.  The time together was sweet.

To my Mom, thank you for watching the boys today so I can go to the doctor’s alone and concentrate on what she tells me.  I need all the help I can get these days.  🙂

The people in my life are amazing!

To each one who’s been helping out and encouraging me, even just by reading this silly blog,


You’ve been uplifting me.  Hope I can return the favor.

(The “I Love You” picture was taken by my sweet babboo, which is how we say “husband” in my family.  Thanks, sweetie!)


2 thoughts on “Thank YOU

  1. Love you Heidi! Remember — it’s the full vine!, not the wow!!!!, my vine’s overgrown & choking me!!!!! — blog & life. Glad you are learning it’s smart AND right to ask for help. God will always provide His help to you in one way or another. It’s what He does and He does it best! — 😉 Pops

    • I’m definitely seeing that in cool ways, even things like Quinn learning early how to suck his own fingers. And I love how you described the opposite of ideal (my-vine’s-overgrown-and-choking-me…) Made me laugh 🙂 I love you too.

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