My Manicure

I got a manicure.

What a sweet lady – I even had SB (my sweet babboo) take a picture for you.

Note the clean lines, the high polish, the sheer radiance.

I am ready for a day on the town!

My assistant in personal hand care:

For some reason, I’m much more comfortable getting very dirty than I am getting dressed up.  To each his own, as they say…

I say digging up potatoes is one of the best ways to appreciate the natural skin God gave me.  After all that digging, uprooting, brushing off dirt, smearing it all over myself by accident, and sweating out under the sun, a good shower will reveal clean hands.

And the contrast will be lovely. 

My neighbor walked past the fence one day this summer and said with a smirk, “Boy Heidi, you sure like dirt, huh?”

Ya caught me, filthy-handed. 

Hope your gardening season was as fun as mine, even if your garden was as overgrown and moppish as mine.  🙂 I’ll post some pictures soon.  If you’d like to add pictures of yours to a post called Our Gardens, please email me a picture at

I’ll include your first name and any comments you’d like to make on your growing season.  Keep in mind, your garden might have been one or two pots on the window sill.  If you grew something, then good for you! 

We can be manicure partners.  🙂


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