The Great Crayola Debate

One of my favorite smells is the inside of a large box of Crayola crayons.

(By the way, my Sweet Babboo and I are involved in an ongoing debate regarding these tools: Is it pronounced cray-ons or crans?  Feel free to comment.  I’m prepared to tuck tail, as I’m usually wrong.  :-))

So on a rainy day, I LOVE breaking out the giant drawing pad and cray-ons – or crans – with my 1 year-old.  It’s a special thing for him still, since I don’t let him use this stuff every day. 

It’s been delightful watching him learn to hold a writing instrument and make bold, swishing motions across the paper.

And I HAVE to draw something in the area or I’ll burst. 


So what am I supposed to tell Riley?

It’s coloring time!  Let’s use our cray-ons…?


It’s coloring time!  Let’s use our crans…?

Either way, it’s awfully fun.

More fun if lots of people choose my pronunciation.

There’s many ways to keep a passion alive, even when the days don’t allow much time for hobbies or practicing the arts.  And if it’s something that keeps me connected to my kids,



14 thoughts on “The Great Crayola Debate

  1. I interviewed at a company in the Pennsylvania Lehigh Valley called Binney and Smith. They had a product line called Crayola. Cray-o-la is how that company pronounced it. I suspect the words crayon and Crayola were meant to linked together by the marketing people. I don’t remember anyone at the company calling them crans.

  2. Sooo. Being raised a Rhode Islander… I always THINK I am saying ‘Cra-yons’, but I’m pretty sure it comes out ‘Crans’, EVERY TIME!!! As in: “Pick up those Crans!” I definitely attempt to squeeze all those great sounds into ONE syllable. You he-ah?

  3. Sixty years ago it was cray-ons so it’s still crayons for me! In fact, I just bought a box of
    crayons for myself last week. Enjoyed your drawing of the dog. Woof!

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