Reddi Whip

Some days need to begin with a good squirt of Reddi Whip in the mouth.

Some days require a squirt of Reddi Whip half way through the afternoon.

And you’ve got to end some days with a giant blob of Reddi Whip on top of Hot Fudge Sundae Cake.

I will leave you to wonder and shake your head about the disastrous parenting in our household.

Have a sweet weekend.


7 thoughts on “Reddi Whip

    • Thanks Veronica! And I’m really jealous! Maybe I can find a place that just sells huge vats of it and I’ll keep some in the basement. By the way, Jon is worried that we’re going to get in trouble for child abuse with today’s photo because, as he says, “It looks like it’s being forced down his gullet.” There’s no forcing happening there. He now knows what the can contains and LOVES it. 🙂 I just needed to write that so I could use the word “gullet.”

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