Ode To Texture

AhHAAAAAAAhahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!!  I did it again!  Hit Publish instead of Preview.  But I’m leaving it up.  I’ll pretend it’s Tuesday already here, because I’m so excited about this post, I don’t want to take it down.

My husband will laugh when he reads this too.

Texture?  Not YOU…

I am a total sucker for visual textures – how things look like they would feel.

If a cereal company made a product that looked like old, bumpy tree bark, I’d be the nerd buying it.

Thus, on this illustrious Studio Tuesday, I shall indulge in a barrage of household texture photos and invite you to swoon with me.

I think I actually just licked my lips.

More!  More!

Yes, that was the wall.

Slightly blurred, but that IS my favorite blanket.

Wonderful in its defects.

Could a clock be any cooler?

You should be listening to Brahms’ Piano Concerto No.1 Mvt. 3 right now.  ‘Scuse me while I cue up YouTube.

Now I’m laughing and swooning because this sounds like something that would play behind Elmer Fudd.  Sorry, Rubinstein.  I know you’re trying to look serious.  Been there.

And baskets…

…can you ever have too many?

Go touch one right now.  You’ll feel better.

Can you guess what these are?




And #4:

Rubinstein, you’re out.  Horowitz, you’re up.

And my personal favorite:

Texture is very closely linked to line and repetition.  Any of those will do for me.

And that’s not even tapping in to the great resource of the bathroom!  Toothbrushes?  Mouthwash caps?  Bars of soap?  YES!!!

May you always see the things around you with wide open eyes and Brahms in your ears.


7 thoughts on “Ode To Texture

    • You’re welcome! Thank you for reading The Full Vine! I’ll be sure to check out your blog too. Have an awesome day. (I should have explained – the last photo is my younger son’s head.) 🙂

  1. I think you need to become a photographer for the Company Store. Are you familiar with them? Their catalogs are so full of delicious texture that is a feast for the eyes. J. Crew comes to mind too.

  2. Can I just say here, simply… I LOVE you. You are too awesome for words. I see the miraculousness of God’s ability to create people in YOU. Rock on, sister. I am gonna go put on Third day and do a little happy dance that God creates such fabulousness!

    • I love that you did a happy dance! YOU are too cool, Carolyn. I have been so blessed by our friendship, by the amazing woman you are. Thank you for sharing yourself with me. You’re unique, smart, funny, sassy, and a true worshipper. I love you too 🙂

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