A Box Full of Happiness

Friday’s photograph needs some explanation. 

What makes a brand new pair of sneakers look like that?


And this:

And maybe this:

Come on, son.  Get dirty!

Jon worked hard to make a fun place in the backyard where the boys could sink their toes (and shoes) into the sand.

I don’t mind it so much either.

This giant sandbox, which required 3 yards of sand to fill, is made where the old garden used to be.  Jon finished digging the area, built a large frame, and arranged for the sand to be delivered. 

The whole thing cost about $170, which is pretty cheap considering the cost of lumber and sand, delivery charges, and the enjoyment of year after year of digging, sculpting, scooping, dumping, tossing, licking (unfortunately), and just plain playing.

I believe frugal choices are options that may require some monetary output at present, but will last a lifetime and keeping giving and giving.

A good investment and GREAT family time.  Thanks, Jon!  You’re the BEST.  We love ya. 


6 thoughts on “A Box Full of Happiness

  1. Advice from a sandbox Mom whose husband also built our box. Leaves in the sandbox = decomposition and mud, which makes for a less desirable sandy experience. Covering the sandbox with a tarp or lid MIGHT help, but be aware the insect world loves a dark, moist sandbox… also so do stray cats, ‘Thank you very much for this giant litter-box, be sure to clean up after me!’ Baby powder is your best friend. Dousing small children with baby powder makes brushing the sand off a piece of cake! Your son is soooooo cuuuuuute! Also we have a rule at our house that sand must stay IN the sandbox, not in piles on Daddy’s lawn, not packed into recycled milk bottles and put back in the recycling bin, not in the citronella candles, not in our hair (bath-time is usually in order after such larks), not in the eyes of a sibling, not inside our shoes, and certainly not in purses. (this last a uniquely girl problem!) Love the box. Enjoy it!

  2. Sandboxes are a wonderful investment. You and your sisters spent many hours in the one Dad built for you. It’s a whole world of creativity that never grows old.

  3. Your so blessed to have that! My husband refused to make our kids one… hates them. =( So sad, I know. This is where the cousins are different, I suppose. If it were up to me, we’d have one JUST like yours. I was gonna say the same thing about the tarp… the cats will find it soon enough if you don’t cover it up!

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