The GREAT Outdoors

No matter where you live, the great outdoors exists.  Outside your apartment window or just out the back door.  Through the hospital window or all around the deck.

I’m so thankful for the simple pleasure of walking outside and drawing in a deep breath of crisp Fall air.  I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but I hope you’re able to enjoy it as much as I’m enjoying the coming of the New England Autumn.

Bright blue skies.  Towering white and grey clouds.  Gorgeous sunrises and the slow warming of the day. 

There are many, many opportunities to sit out by the sandbox or weed a little before the leaves fall and demand attention.

Faces get dirty…

…and sunny…

…and the garden, though far past its prime, is still producing tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, and herbs.

There is so much left to be done (as you can see).  But today I’m just going to enjoy the sunshine with my boys. 

All too soon we’ll be cooped up inside, longing to get out without heavy coats and boots.  Oh who cares?  We’ll go out with our coats and boots.  The outdoors are GREAT.  May our adventures be, too.


2 thoughts on “The GREAT Outdoors

  1. *I* am thankful I just got a phone call saying my breast MRI came back benign! I can’t think of hardly anything to be happier about today!

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