Love Is a Pumpkin Muffin

My Mom is a mind-reader.

Or there’s been a lot of funny coincidences around here.

Or God loves through food.

Recently I headed up the stairs to bed, pondering chocolate chip Rice Crispy cookies.  How I miss them.  How I love them.  How I wished someone would just… make me some.  Maybe I could ask somebody to make me some for my birthday.

That Sunday, my Mom showed up to our house church with a plate of chocolate chip Rice Crispy cookies. 

(Okay, okay, I’ve used that picture on this blog before.  A good cookie deserves a second look, wouldn’t you agree?)

There were several other instances of this sort of thing recently.  I thought it was very cool.  Then one of my lovely aunts reminded me that God sometimes shows His love for us in little ways like that – making things happen that we appreciate because they’re so specific and so thoughtful.

Like today.

I read one of my favorite blogs this morning, and drooled over the pumpkin muffins she wrote about.  Pumpkin muffins with hot chocolate.

Gee that sounds good… 

But why would I make pumpkin muffins when I’d be the only one eating them?  No good.

Pumpkin muffins…  Mmmmm.  No!  I will NOT. 

Mom and I shopped for towels and things today, and stopped off spur-of-the-moment at The New Englander’s Addiction House (Dunkin Donuts).  Lo and behold, I ended up with – you guessed it – a pumpkin muffin and a hot chocolate.  Didn’t even plan it.  I just ate it, and then realized the thing I’d been craving had fallen into my lap – er, mouth.

So, call it what you will.  Mind reading.  Coincidence.  I call it love.

God keeps doing it over and over.  So I don’t care if it sounds crazy!  I figure… He’s GOD.  He can show His love any way He wants. 

He knows I speak the language of sugar.  So thank you, God, for remembering me today and now that I’ve swallowed, your praises are on my tongue too.  🙂

Each day the Lord pours His unfailing love upon me. (Psalm 42:8a)

Don’t forget to watch for those weird coincidences that make you smile.  And remember who made it happen.


2 thoughts on “Love Is a Pumpkin Muffin

  1. Oh, this is a good reminder. I’m in bondage to some of the worst hormones *ever* today, and I have been so icky it hasn’t even entered my mind to look for evidences of His Lavish Love. And yet we just got back from the plumbing store, which was my 4th trip to a different plumbing store to find a part for our toilet… and they had the part and for whatever reason gave it to me on the house. Thank you, Lord. Open my eyes to more of your love.

    • Well I think it’s understandable to be NOT pondering lavish love when you’re on your fourth trip to a plumbing store… or doing ANYTHING with plumbing 🙂 But there He goes again, invading everyday life. Open my eyes, too, Lord.

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