Crazy Lady Organization – Part 2

I must apologize for skipping a Monday.  Two weeks ago I said I’d write about organization the following week.  I forgot.  Obviously, staying organized can’t always help my memory.  But lists can keep me sane!

I am a list maker.  That’s part of the purpose of my trusty chalkboard.

And so is the Chores List.  That needs some dreadful-sounding announcement music.  Like Beethoven’s Fifth.  Dunh dunh dunh duhhhhhnnnnnnnhh…..  You know the rest.

I hated doing chores when I was growing up.  Now I actually kinda like my Chores List.  Without it I constantly feel guilty, like I’m falling behind and have way too much to do but don’t want to do any of it.

With the list, I have a manageable amount of work each day, and I know what’s coming.  For example, on Mondays I shop for food.  On Tuesdays, I know I’ll be dusting.  Wednesdays are vacuuming days and Thursdays are ironing.  Fridays I know I’ll be cleaning the bathrooms, and Saturdays I’ll be washing a floor (maybe.  That’s my least favorite chore.)

Some things have to be done every day: the dishes, sweeping, laundry, etc.

If I miss a chore, it’s not the end of the world.  But the house is actually humming a little I think, or maybe that’s me with a load taken off my mind.

Every woman runs her home her own way.  This is simply what works for me.  Some people do all their cleaning on one day or twice a week.  I get overwhelmed that way because I never seem to have big chunks of time. 

It actually makes me laugh…  I balk at schedules and restrictions and rules.  And yet I flourish within a clear framework of daily living.  Go figure.  Maybe a solid routine in some areas actually frees me in the areas that matter most: time with my boys and my Sweet Babboo, creativity, plans with family and friends.

Off to the market.  Today is grocery shopping day, and I don’t want to miss my deli counter appointment.  They give us a free piece of cheese because I have kids.  This is a good thing.

Have a great day!


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