Big Ol’ Feety Pajamas

Today I thought I’d show you what’s on my sewing table: feety pajamas that are getting a “lift and tuck.”  I’m making them longer to suit my long and strong little boy.  There’s no sense in packing away perfectly good pj’s just because he’s growing fast and has to curl his little toes up to fit in his clothes.

Here’s the plan so far:

One pair of perfectly cute pj’s that just aren’t long enough.

Removed the toe seams with a seam ripper.

Selected a particularly non-useful running tank top to cut up.  Ask me how often I run.

Traced the tops and bottoms of the separated toe sections onto the now-useful tank top:

Used regular chalk.  I’m all fancy over here.

Reminded myself which was the bottom (“B”) and which was the top (“T”) since one is slightly longer than the other.  I drew a second, longer curve above the traced lines.  This is because I want to extend, not copy, the toe line.  He needs room to grow.

Cut out the new toe shapes along the extended lines:

There’s now a set of top-and-bottom shapes for each foot. 

Next I held up the new shapes to the old feety pj’s and compared, to see if what I had cut out would fit once it was sewn on.

Lookin’ good.

I love hands.

The next step was to pin the pieces together.  The blue needed to be tucked in along the sides and held still with a pin in the middle so that it wouldn’t rotate during the sewing process.

The whole project could really be done by hand easily, but I love the serging I can do with my machine.  So that’s where these big ol’ feety pajamas are right now – hanging out the side of the machine in our basement, in my little studio space. 

Next Tuesday, I’ll show you the serged edges and hopefully the finished product.  And maybe a picture or two of the sewing table.  It used to be storage space for bulk flour, sugar, and oats.  I much prefer it now!

(And yes, I’m nuts.  Someone reminded me that all I really needed to do was to cut off the toes or feet of the pj’s and have the child wear socks.  Oh well.  Where’s the fun in that?!  I needed a project.)


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