I guess it’s “one of those mornings.”  I asked my coffee pot to brew me something lovely without actually putting any water in it.  But I did just scarf down a piece of Chocolate Snack Cake.  It’s all good.

So here’s what I’m thinking today for Photography Friday:

A long time ago,


marriage, babies, and my own hearth and home

travels, tours, and puddle-jumping

pacing feet, sweaty hands, and stomach aches before going on stage in college

the waste of time that was “dating”

youth group, swim team, and the X Games

I was a 12 year-old nerd who loved classical music.  I used to sit on my bed with a slender grey radio and tune in to the classical station.  Sometimes the music was so powerful and beautiful, I could feel my spirit soar right up out of my head and try to take off for the sky.

And now,


heartaches and breakups and meeting my one true love

finding and losing many, many friends

agonizing over leaving a church home

giving birth twice

and all kinds of other life experiences,

I’m still the 12 year-old nerd who loves classical music – the retreat, the height and strength and whimsy of it.  And no matter how busy I am right now, it will always be there waiting for my soon-to-be-30-something fingers. 

Finally, it doesn’t matter that my childhood diary said “I WILL be a concert pianist, and NO ONE is going to stop me!” or that my college piano professor said “We both know you’re not the cream of the crop.” 

What matters is that I love the music and will play it for my sons and my Sweet Babboo.  My kids will hear Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Chopin, and Debussy, and I will invite them with each private concert to enter that world of beauty.

Long live the nerdery.


6 thoughts on “Nerdery

  1. I love to hear you play classical music. I used to love to hear you practice too. That’s must be a mother’s heart. You always were and will always be the “cream of the crop” in my ears.

    • Oh you just made me say the biggest “AAaaaaAAAAAAw!” Thanks, Mom. You truly were loving toward me with all the pounding. And grunting and grumbling noises as I pulled my hair out over the tough passages. I really appreciate yours and Dad’s support. I still remember when you gave me piano lessons with Mary Scott for Christmas. One of the best gifts EVER! 🙂

  2. I was/is one of those kids too. I tried to listen in on the pop stations so I could know what the other kids were talking about at school and not feel like such a dork that I didn’t know what the latest hits were, but it was useless. I didn’t that drivvle (all sounded the same to me) and always turned back to the classical station with a sigh of a relief. I remember the first CD I ever bought was the Peer Gynt Suite… wish I still had that now and could play In the Hall of the Mountain King at top volume for the kids!

    • Why not YouTube it? You can still blast it through the computer! Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one… My favorite music was a tape (TAPE, mind you) called “Mad About Piano.” I still have it. 🙂

  3. Ooo, yes… my favorite tape was Schubert’s trout quintet. I still have it in the basement somewhere. Played approximately 10 billion times.

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