Free and Funky: Green Bean Wreath

Wreaths make me drool.  Especially the viney ones, all interwoven with ribbon and twine and looking like birds’ nests. 

The only problem is that they cost more than a visit to the dentist for a gold tooth.


My older son, Riley, was cruisin’ the backyard the other day, and made me a special gift of one of my green bean vines.  Thank you, dear!  How lovely…

Then it hit me.  These really ARE cool looking, aren’t they?  They ARE vines, right?  And then, as he wandered from garden to hose to sandbox to bouncy ball to deck to picnic table, to plants, to puddles and mud pits, etc etc etc, I began cleaning out my garden and turning it into free, funky decorations.


A whole bunch of leafy, half-dead vines twisted together and tied with twine can become:

A perfectly good wreath for which I paid ZILCH.

Granted, I tied it with twine, but we had that on hand anyway.  Little by little I’m trimming off wilty leaves, like the ones on the bottom left.  Look at that.  Live sculpture.

So pretty…


and free.

May my son’s boisterous enthusiasm for the outdoors inspire you to see the possibilities in your own backyard.


8 thoughts on “Free and Funky: Green Bean Wreath

  1. I have the EXACT SAME curtains hanging in my kitchen window above the sink!!! I shortened them to make more of a valance than a curtain, but none the less they are the same ones! (Also, I was just reading your post about compassion and I was going to comment on the tea pot in Riley’s hand… we have that, too). Too funny.

    • Weird! And cool! The curtains were hanging in that window when we moved in. It was very nice of the former owner to leave them here. The tea pot is at my parent’s house with their outdoor kitchen set and Riley LOVES playing with all the things that are forbidden at home in the real kitchen. 🙂

  2. I got the curtains brand spankin’ new, still in the package, at a thrift store for like a dollar… oh, and the tea pot came with a bunch of dishes I got for the kids at a thrift store, too. Tee hee!

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