For Eyes That See

If you wear contact lenses most of the time and suddenly switch back to glasses, it puts a new focus on your eyes for a while.  There’s this big honkin’ thing on your face to remind you that you can’t see without it.

If I take off my glasses, I have to put my face two inches from my son’s in order to see him clearly.  There’s no way I’d be allowed to drive if I didn’t have glasses or contacts.  In truth, I’m not sure how I’d function without them.

Yet many people must.

A long time ago, there were probably a great many more people than there are today who couldn’t afford glasses at all.

I am thankful today that I can see my babies, read my recipes, operate a car, play the piano, and watch a movie with my husband without getting headaches or even getting frustrated.

Thank you, God, for the many wonderful things you’ve created, including my husband, mountains, “the lake,” the ocean, sunrises and sunsets, and each member of my family.  I’m glad I know what they look like and I’m glad I can still see them.


2 thoughts on “For Eyes That See

  1. Next time you’re in the market for glasses check out Warby Parker. $95 complete frames & lenses, free shipping, they’ll even send you a few pairs to try on for free, and for every pair sold they give a pair to someone in need. I just got them and love them.

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