Meet the MG

This post is long overdue. 

I’ve said many thank-you’s to the MG, thought of her many times this summer as I worked in my garden. 

But an official, public thank you seemed to be in order.

My mother, the Master Gardener (or MG), is the one I watched as a kid.  She grew an amazing raised bed garden at our first house, and filled it with brown eyed susans, marigolds, and all kinds of herbs and vegetables.

I, for one, did not like gardening at ALL back then.  It was hot, sweaty work.  The only thing I liked about the thing was the sprinkler set up in the middle and the warm, crunchy, fresh cucumbers we were allowed to pick from time to time. 

But now I’m grown up, and I’ve surprised myself by becoming a gardener.  I like it.  Who knew?

When you start gardening, you have a lot of questions.  What’s this pest?  How do I get rid of it?  When do I plant?  What can I plant that won’t take over the whole garden?  What shouldn’t get planted next to this other thing and how much sun does this, that, and the other one need…?

The MG ought to have a dollar for every text, phone call, and monopolized conversation about the successes and failures of my backyard experiment. 

She is always gracious.  Always patient.  And any time she doesn’t know the answer (which seems very rare to me), she looks it up and gets back to me later.

Here she is:

Rocking my firstborn on her wooden swing.

Hauling compost for our new garden.

Breaking her back for her then-pregnant daughter.  Mr. MG is there, too, and worked his fingers to the bone that day along with my Sweet Babboo…

At the end of all that work, she (and Mr. MG) were not too tired to ferry their grandson around the yard.  You’ve gotta love parents like these… 🙂

She never pushed me or my sisters to like gardening ourselves.  Just quietly did her own thing, enjoying her gardens and sharing their produce with us along the way. 


I remember how encouraging she was to my sister, who wanted to grow potatoes in the woods when we were teenagers.  Those potatoes probably grew simply because she was encouraging their young caretaker so much.

Mothers, never underestimate the strong influence you have over your children.  Your habits and hobbies are part of their bloodstream, whether they like it or not.  Some day they will appreciate what you’re doing for them – even if it seems hot, sweaty, and unappealing right now.  Even if it is.

Mom, you ARE the MG.  No arguments, please.  Thank you for fielding all my questions, working hard to get this awesome garden started this year, letting me can tomatoes out of yours last year, and just being plain amazing.

I love you.  🙂

Dad, I love you too!  🙂


5 thoughts on “Meet the MG

  1. Aw, Heidi, that was sweet of you. I’m soooo glad you love gardening now and that you are so eager to learn. So… don’t be dismayed if Riley, Quinn and other children to come don’t seem enthusiastic about gardening. You never know!

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