I’m sitting here on my couch at 2pm eating the cold remains of my gourmet lunch (elbow macaroni and an apple). 

On my left are 4 dirty diapers waiting to be washed out (p-u!).  Behind my head is a pile of baby clothes, soaked in drool.  To my right are things-to-be-ironed, things to be re-sewn, and laundry to be put away.  In front of me are toys, strewn all across the floor.

This is luxury, my friends.

Actually, it is!  It’s signs of life.  There are loved ones living here.  And the real luxury of the moment is the simultaneous nap that the boys are taking.

As much as I love them, some days I wish I could yell “1-2-3-SLEEP!” and have both of them suddenly fall into a deep slumber.  It doesn’t work that way.  But this week, God has blessed me with periods of quiet and rest during the day.  I do not take this for granted. 

Yesterday I sewed for an HOUR.  (cue Vienna Boys’ Choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus)

Thank you, God, for the noise of my boys, and for periods of peace and quiet.  I’m going to iron now, a chore I never thought I’d enjoy.  Sweet bliss.


2 thoughts on “1-2-3-SLEEP!

  1. Today I am profoundly thankful for the Lord and His healing love, and for the simple ability to enjoy life! He is amazing. You never could have written that post with thankfulness without him, could you? The same material on another woman’s blog who didn’t know him would certainly be a rant. I love how he transforms our vision.

    • Hear hear! And then by nightfall I was reminded again how much I need His transformation in my heart, how selfish I really am with my time. So glad He’s patient and keeps working lovingly in my heart.

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